Some Amazing Books on Nutrition

It’s entirely out of our hands to control genetics but what we let ourselves eat is very much in our control. Admittedly, we are humans at the end of the day, creatures of desires and cravings, brimming with passion but we are the architects of our own journeys. Amidst all the distractions and perplexity, we face the formidable task of surviving this rain of terror fast food and refined sugar have havocked on us all. The following are some amazing books to walk us through this quest for nutrition:-


How not to Die (Michael Greger)


This New York Times bestseller is a great help to those with the potential for illness. This groundbreaking book speaks wonders about the scientific evidence backing the diet that prevents several causes for diseases. In this highly informative book, Dr. Michael Greger talks in detail about the top fifteen causes of death in America that happen prematurely. It contains a detailed breakdown of the diet you should follow in order to avoid the knock on the door of premature death.


Sleep Smarter (Shawn Stevenson)


Whenever physicians and enthusiasts harangue about the betterment of health, the importance of sleep is criminally overlooked. In his best-selling book, Shawn Stevenson has shared his learnings on the matter after his life-changing, dream-crushing degenerative bone disease. Gaining wisdom from his own life experience, he describes in his book all the tips and tricks he picked up along the way towards a healthy lifestyle. With his guidance and systematic 2-week programs, you will learn to regulate your circadian rhythms by hacking sunlight. You will learn to create a better sleep schedule and stress reduction exercises.


Fortify your Life (Tieraona Low)


If your curiosity sparks your interest in how supplement fits into your nutrition, physician Tieraona Low in her book fortifies your life, walks you through the modern era’s guide to common nutrient deficiencies. She not only impressively educates us about the supplement industry but also shares the specific benefits to them.


Deep Nutrition (Catherine Shanahan)


Bestowing a detailed perception of our ancestral diet, this best-selling book of 2017 gives us a guide towards a healthy, disease-free life. With her astonishing knowledge in the field of health science, Dr. Catherine Shanahan devised a four-nutrition strategy plan. This method forms the basis of “The Human Diet”, as she calls it, consisting of Sprouted foods, meat roasted on the bone, fresh foods, and organ meats. Dr. Cate shows us how we are not controlled by our genetics but we are the master of our own bodies.


Deep nutrition - Nutridock Health Blog


In Defence Of Food (Michael Pollan)


Famous Journalist and writer, Michael Pollan, openly and truthfully criticizes the industrialization of health in the food business. He sheds some light on the awful neglect of natural fresh foods and the adoption of food science and diets. He also tackles the problem of the single nutrient philosophy sucking the joy out of healthy eating and taking away the enjoyment it is capable of offering. He advocates the neglect of the modern diet and adopting to eat real food instead.


The obesity Code (Jason Fung)


Obesity has dug its claws so deep in every household around the globe that it has become an epidemic we must not take lightly. In his book, Dr. Jason Fung focuses mostly on the hormonal effect on our weight loss and health rather than nutrition specifically. In addition to a guide towards effective weight loss and nutrition, he educates the reader about all the wonders there is in adopting the intermittent fasting diet.


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