How Nutrition Affects Mental Health

The essence of the entireness of our day banks on the resolution of what we embrace to eat. Nutrition impacts directly the wellness of our mental health and the quality of life we aspire to live. As mind-numbingly tedious as it may seem but keep track of your nutrition could do wonders for your mental stability and improve your outlook on life. 

Nutrition is the stepping stone towards a healthy lifestyle. It not only keeps your weight in check but also drastically reduces your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It also plays a crucial part in controlling and maintaining disorders like anxiety and depression.


Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a chronic disease and millions of people are affected by it every year. There is no particular way to fight this everlasting battle against it but lifestyle remedies like maintaining a healthy diet sure give you a fighting chance. A recent 2017 study has shown that people suffering from a mild form of depression showed significant signs of improvement when subjected to a healthy diet over the course of 12 weeks. The improved diet weeded out refined sugar and unsaturated fats and focused highly on fresh foods rich in nutrients.

Maintaining a proper diet balanced with the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals can help overcome the deathly claws of depression. Especially, diets rich in carbohydrates can uplift your spirits on the other hand a low carbohydrate diet kills your vibe and can potentially make you cranky and unsatisfied.

In fact, stress eating to make yourself feel better could worsen things and make your journey towards recovery even more long and complicated. Researchers have found an astonishing amount of evidence in favor of the concept that an unhealthy, unbalanced diet has the capacity of worsening your mood. Diets high in refined sugar allegedly aid in the promotion of stress and inflammation


Strategies to incorporate a healthy lifestyle

Now that we understand how impactful good nutrition is on our mental health, it is important for us to know a few good dietary strategies to aid you in boosting your mood with food. The following are some of the ways you can do that:


● Stabilizing the body’s blood sugar levels​: Blood sugar levels are highly troublesome to maintain on a balanced diet, let alone a normal routine. Eating anything and everything could imbalance the hormones and can make you depressed, anxious, or cranky. To keep them on track, consume as many carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins as possible.


● Consumption of good fats​: Contrary to popular belief, fats are quite essential for the nervous system. After all, our brain is 60% fat. It helps in supporting the function of the brain and reduces inflammation.


● Make vitamin B a necessity​: Vitamin B does wonders for your body. It supports the nervous system and helps in stress management.


● Get adequate sleep​: Multiple studies have shown that even the slightest inconvenience in sleep could make a person moody and cranky. People who get inadequate sleep have reported feeling angrier, mentally exhausted, and tired.


Green vegetables are deemed to be a vital source of vitamin B which has a direct effect on our mood. To aid in boosting your mood, you can add a few food items to your diet. These items include spinach, artichokes, okra, edamame, lentils, turnip greens, broccoli, and avocado. Food rich in fiber, good fats, and nutrients helps soothe the blood sugar levels of our body. These include strawberries, apples, nuts, oats, and citrus fruits.

Good nutrition is excellent for the body and great for the brain. It plays a substantial role in the way we live our lives and keeps a hold on our emotions. There is high urgency to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of our lives and we have all the evidence we need to take the leap towards that goal. 


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