New Year Resolution On Diet & Health in 2021

New Year, Old Resolution. Turn a New Leaf with 2021 with Your Goal of Staying Hale and Hearty


Finally, we got to see the back of 2020. Hopefully, the New Year of 2021 will be the end of all the despair, negativity, and bad news.

It’s not like there wasn’t any good in 2020. It made us realize how less is enough to survive. It made us aware of the importance of taking special care of our body and mind.

We are sure your brain has been incessantly buzzing with all the things you want to achieve in 2021.

Whatever you do, just don’t let the importance of staying fit to take a back seat this year. We say, turn it into a new year resolution!

And no, don’t wait till a month or two goes by. The best time to start is now. January is the fitness month, after all!


The time for making plans is up. It’s action time!

New Year Resolution On Diet & Health in 2021

How Nutridock Helps You with Your Eating Healthy, Staying Healthy Resolution?

Have you heard about our subscription plan? This is the ultimate plan that helps you with your health goals. It requires little to no effort on your part, is highly affordable, and provides significant results in a few weeks. Here are the ways in which our nutritionist-led subscription meal plan helps you set high fitness goals and achieve them too.


  • After receiving important information on your health, we assign you a nutritionist who is responsible for creating a customized meal plan for you and being there for all your health concerns. Additionally, you will also get weekly health check-ups done by the nutritionist.
  • The nutritionist pays extra attention to your fitness goals. For example, if you need to lose weight, the nutritionist will be careful to center your meal plan around your goal of shedding the extra kilos.
  • The meal plans are curated keeping your taste preferences, lifestyle habits, medical conditions, etc. in mind. You are free to make any changes to the meal plan to suit your needs and likes.
  • We calculate the carbs, proteins, and other nutrient macros that your body requires from your daily diet. We cook your meals, keeping the numbers in mind.
  • Our meal plans are nothing like the boring and bland tasting diets. We make sure our meals delight your taste buds with their lip-smacking flavor and loads of variety.
  • Our subscription meal plan is sustainable too! The meals we offer you are made using 100% organic and vegetarian ingredients. These have a long-term impact on your health.


Try Nutridock's Healthy, Diet and Nutritious Menu Options Here


New Year Resolution On Diet & Health in 2021

How to Self-Motivate Yourself to Make Your New Year Resolution a Reality?

You can’t clap with a single hand. While we help you eat healthily, you too need to stay motivated in order to not dwindle from your path of reaching your health goals. We promise, together we will be able to make you fitter and finer in the year 2021 and even after.

Here are 3 quick tips to self-motivate yourself when working on your New Year resolution.


Be Enthusiastic

Anything started with half a heart is destined to be doomed. Always focus on your mood and energy levels before you start your daily staying fit regimen.


Set Realistic Goals

One reason you may not be reaching your fitness goals is they being out of your capacity. Learn about your strengths and set your goals within your capabilities.

For example, don’t set a goal of losing 15 kg in a week. It’s practically impossible and will leave you disappointed and even tempt you to give up on your goal. Start small, say, lose 4-5 kg in a week. This will ensure you see satisfying results and stay motivated.


Don’t Be Harsh on Yourself

It’s okay to have those sweet cravings or hunger pangs every hour or so. Your mind plays tricks on you, especially when you are trying to avoid some things. The secret to dealing with it is not giving in to the craving but finding a solution to divert your mind.

Even if you end up gorging on that cake, learn to forgive yourself with the promise of starting afresh with a stricter approach.


With diligence and a focused mind, we can achieve anything we set our hearts to.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!

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